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With this data pane you can configure, control and monitor your netGauges Dimmer device.

Remote control of up to five separate DC circuits is now possible using any Web Browser device over existing internet services. Each LED dimmer is rated at 8 amps @ 12-14 VDC. Can provide flicker-free 96W for LED strip lights. Low Power and energy saving PWM technology.

The netGauges Dimmer is however much more than a LED driver. The standard functions include:

  • Can be controlled using local WiFi network only
  • Built-in Web Server with embedded user interface eliminates any set-up
  • Uses you existing internet service
  • Can also be controlled remotely from any location with internet access
  • Automatically logs each dimmer setting
  • Cloud-base storage and reporting of dimmer status
  • No additional data plan charges
  • Optional source input Voltage monitor
  • Optional GPS input for Geo Location
  • Weather-resist enclosure for outdoor use

Built-in data logger to SD memory

  • Records everything when dimmer is out of range
  • Up to a full year of storage
  • Automatically syncs to Cloud storage site when internet service is found
  • Cloud base storage and access from the HelmSmart data server

Add more netGauges sensors

  • Install additional temperature sensors to monitor room temperature.
  • Optional Power Monitoring inputs for real-time and historical cost tracking
  • Optional GPS input for asset tracking and mobile platforms

All dimmers are constantly monitored and automatically uploaded to Cloud Service sites for 24/7 access to status, control, and reporting. View graphs for historical use and get alarms via email or SMS when thresholds are reached

Download the data sheet to learn more or order your netGauges Dimmer directly here. Worldwide shipping is included in the 495 USD price.

If you already have a netGauges Dimmer go to the Devices Link above and select your registered unit to activate remote control.

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